Debco Distribution Odor and Cleaning Specialists
Dermal Wash

Use Dermal Wash Odor Eliminator where ever bacteria odor from feces, urine, emesis, or skin breakdown is a problem. Cleanses, soothes, and softens skin without the need to rinse. Excellent preparation for adhesive on ostomy products.

Point of Application:

  • Fecal material and urinary incontinence odors
  • Dermal irritations and odors from diaper use.
  • Emesis(vomiting) - neutralizes odors, bile, and
    acid irritations.
  • Soothing, softening, and cleansing of areas of
    potential decubitus ulcers (bed sores).
  • Peristomal, perineal, wound and festul area skin cleaning.

Directions for use: Shake well and spray or apply as needed.